Empire / Commonwealth Games Medalists


1934 British Empire Games - London, England

Bronze Billy Duncan Welterweight
Bronze Jimmy Magill Middleweight




1958 VI British Empire and Commonwealth Games

- Cardiff, Wales

Gold Terry Milligan Middleweight
Silver Jim Jordan Lightweight
Bronze Peter Lavery Flyweight
Bronze Dickie Hanna Bantamweight




1962 VII British Empire and Commonwealth Games

- Perth, Australia

Bronze Ivan Christie Light Heavyweight



1966 VIII British Empire and Commonwealth Games

- Kingston, Jamaica

Gold Jim McCourt Light Welterweight
Silver Paddy Maguire Bantamweight
Bronze Sammy Lockhart Featherweight
Bronze Frankie Young Welterweight
Bronze Dan McAlinden Heavyweight




1970 IX British Commonwealth Games

- Edinburgh, Scotland

Silver John McKinty Heavyweight
Bronze Davie Larmour Flyweight
Bronze Paddy Doherty Light Middleweight




1974 X British Commonwealth Games

- Christchurch, New Zealand

Gold Davie Larmour Flyweight
Bronze John Rodgers Welterweight
Bronze Gordon Ferris Light Heavyweight




1978  XI Commonwealth Games

- Edmonton, Canada

Gold Barry McGuigan Bantamweight
Gold Gerry Hamill Lightweight
Silver Ken Beattie Welterweight
Bronze Hugh Russell Flyweight




1982 XII Commonwealth Games
- Brisbane, Australia
Silver Roy Webb Bantamweight
Bronze Tommy Corr Light Middleweight




1986 XIII Commonwealth Games
- Edinburgh, Scotland 
Silver Roy Nash Bantamweight
Bronze Johnston Todd Light Flyweight
Bronze Chris Carleton Featherweight
Bronze Brendan Lowe Light Welterweight
Bronze Damien Denny Welterweight
Bronze Pat Tinney Middleweight




1990 XIV Commonwealth Games

- Auckland, New Zealand 


Gold Wayne McCullough Flyweight
Bronze Paul Douglas Heavyweight




1994 XV Commonwealth Games

- Victoria, Canada

Gold Neil Sinclair Welterweight
Gold Jim Webb Light Middleweight
Silver Martin Renaghan Lightweight
Silver Mark Winters Light Welterweight




1998 XVI Commonwealth Games

- Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia

Silver Liam Cunningham Flyweight
Bronze Brian Magee Middleweight




2002 XVII Commonwealth Games

- Manchester, England

No Medals won    





2006 XVIII Commonwealth Games

- Melbourne Australia

No Medals won    


2010 XIX Commonwealth Games

- Delhi India


Paddy Barnes Light Flyweight
Gold Patrick Gallagher Welterweight
Gold Eamonn O'Kane Middleweight
Silver Tommy McCarthy Light Heavyweight
Silver Steven Ward Heavyweight


2014 XX Commonwealth Games

- Glasgow Scotland


Paddy Barnes Light Flyweight
Gold Michael Conlan Bantamweight
Silver Michaela Walsh Flyweight
Silver Joe Fitzpatrick Lightweight
Bronze Alana Audley Murphy Lightweight
Bronze Sean Duffy Light Welterweight
Bronze Steven Donnelly Welterweight
Bronze Connor Coyle Middleweight
Bronze Sean McGlinchey Light Heavyweight


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